Friday, March 8, 2013


there is so much pressure to have a plus one. 
like if you don't, you're damaged or broken. 
well, i for one really enjoy being single. 
here is why:
i can flirt with whomever i choose.
no commitments.
i can be alone sometimes and it's not weird.
no pressure.
lots of dates. 
meeting new people.

like, why is it so weird that i am enjoying not being tied down?
i can be whoever i want to be this way. 
and that, my friends, is worth it to me. 
for now anyways:)

random quote for your enjoyment:)
"Okay. The best way to get over an it-doesn’t-matter guy is to find a new one. Preferably one who looks good bare chested in red suspenders." -Beauty and the Beast, Thursday nights at 8PM:)

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