November 22, 2011
Slightly bruised and broken, from our head on collision I've never seen this side of you, another tragic case of feeling.

I told you I'd never say goodbye, now you're slipping on the tears that made me cry. Why does this come as a surprise? To think, I was so naive. Maybe it didn't mean anything to you, but it meant everything to me.

No matter what happens, he will always mean the world to me, no matter how bad he hurts me I will always forgive him. And no matter how many times he breaks my heart, I will always love him.

Lately nothing I do ever seems to please you, and maybe turning my back would be that much easier. Cause hurtful words are all that we exchange, but I can't watch you walk away.

I don't want to make you feel terrible anymore.

I wish I had the guts to just walk away and forget about what we had, but I can't, because I know you won't come after me, and I guess that's what hurts the most.

I was hurting so much and I was so scared and all I wanted was the feel of your arms around me, but you weren't there.

Don't waste me. I'm your one and only love.

Baby I'm here ready to hear what you're not saying. I can hear your heartbeat pounding, so don't keep me waiting. C'mon and talk to me...

You know that we have something special. I saw it in your eyes last night when I told you how much you had hurt me. I saw all our memories flash through your mind. I saw how much it hurt you to know you hurt me. I saw how much you love me; you didn't need to say a word.

I've got to be honest, I've got my doubts. These tears are asking me, 'what's this got to do with love?

July 16, 2011
I love being with you. I don't have to work hard to impress anyone. . . you know all my faults. I can cry in front of you, and you'll just hold me until I stop. . . or I can laugh so hard I cry. . . and you'll laugh with me until we're both crying. And it's perfect. How sometimes we don't have to say anything. Just being together is enough. Even though we know everything about each other, we still never run out of things to talk about. You're always there for me, either to hold me or laugh with me. You've been with me through everything, and I can't imagine ever not having you in my life. I love having you in my life.

Cool use to mean unique, spontaneous, compelling. The coolest kid was the one that everyone wanted to be like but no one quite could because their individuality was so utterly distinct. Then 'cool' changed. Marketers got a hold of it and reversed it's meaning. Now you're cool if you're NOT unique. If you bear the unmistakable stamp of America. Hair by Paul Mitchell, Clothes by Abercrombie, Car by Lexus, Attitude by Nike. Cool is the opiate of our time and over a couple of generations we have grown dependent upon it to maintain our identies of inclusion.

A guy out there was meant to be the love of your life, your best friend, your soul mate, the one you can tell your dreams to. He'll smile at you, but he'll never laugh at your heart. He'll brush the hair out of your eyes. Send you flowers when you least expect it. He'll stare at you during the movies, even though he paid $8 to see it. He'll call to say goodnight or just cause he is thinkin of you. He'll look in your eyes and tell you, you're the most beautiful girl in the world, and for the first time in your life, you'll believe it.

Life is for having fun. Don't be stupid and waste it on some guy/girl who is gonna act like he/she hates you tomorrow. Never waste it on some one who doesn't want their friends to know they're in love with you. Don't give that person the rest of you tears or a month or a year of your life when he/she treats you badly and doesn't mind to make you cry. Every person deserves some one who wants to brag about them. Every person deserves some one who makes them smile and laugh at their worst moments. We all deserve at least that.

There's something that happens to us when we say yes to our painful experience. Not yes as in "Yes, I loved it," but "Yes, this is so. Yes, this happened to me." Instead of "No, I don't want this to be true. This didn't happen to me. They wouldn't have done that." Look at all the energy it takes to say no to reality. When I was ready and able to say "Yes, I was hurt. Yes, my life was damaged by others, now what?" That’s the point when my life started to change.

I can sit here with you forever. I don't need to touch you. I don't need to hear your voice. I don't even have to look at you. As long as I know that you're here beside me. If I can smell your scent that I've grown to adore more then that of roses, hear you breathe, feel your warmth permeating the air around me, I'll be fine.

Congratulations! You're not perfect! It's ridiculous to want to be perfect anyway. But then, everybody's ridiculous sometimes, except perfect people. You know what perfect is? Perfect is not eating or drinking or talking or moving a muscle or making even the teensiest mistake. Perfect is never doing anything wrong - which means never doing anything at all. Perfect is boring! So you're not perfect! Wonderful! Have fun! Eat things that give you bad breath! Trip over your own shoelaces! Laugh! Let somebody else laugh at you! Perfect people never do any of those things. All they do is sit around and sip weak tea and think about how perfect they are. But they're really not one-hundred-percent perfect anyway. You should see them when they get the hiccups! Phooey! Who needs 'em? You can drink pickle juice and imitate gorillas and do silly dances and sing stupid songs and wear funny hats and be as imperfect as you please and still be a good person. Good people are hard to find nowadays. And they're a lot more fun than perfect people any day of the week.

What is it about summer that makes us all so crazy? Is it the heat? Is it the freedom? I think we all get so crazy because we realize all at once that life really isnt going to last forever, so we take those perfectly sunny days and live. We live so fully in those 3 months that it'd be impossible not to go just a little nuts. And in the end, when the summer fades so suddenly into fall, we'll be glad we did.

It's YOU. You mean everything to me... you are the first thought in my head in the morning when I wake up; my last thought before I go to bed. You smile at me in my dreams... when you are sad, I fell sad, and when I see your true smile, I feel incredible, like there is no other thing around and all I can see is you.

Human beings are compelled to adopt a belief system; some paradigm to provide meaning, purpose, and understanding to our lives. A quick survey of the world shows that pretty much any idea will do -- it need not reflect reality or truth, merely function to fascinate, distract, and compel. We are designed for belief, not for truth.

I am not like them... I am different... you could even call me unique. Unique because I am one of the few people who have morals and who have a heart that hates to see people suffer... I am different because when someone is down I help them up. And if I cant help them up. I go down with them... I am not like them because I find no pleasure in hurting other people... I am one of the few.

For once I don't care what you think about me... I don't care if you think my hair isn't right or my shoes don't match my outfit. I don't care that I don't fit into this cookie cutter high school prom queen category you seem to have. All I care about is that I'm me... and that I'm happy about it. For once I'm happy and secure in knowing that you can't take that from me, no one can.

I don't wanna be like them, all hair and make-up and short skirts, and all that, well, perfectness. I don't want all the boys drooling over me. I don't want any of that. I just wanna be me. I'm true to myself and that's all that matters. If guys like me for who I am, well then that's great... I know I've succeeded.

I'm not perfect, I never tried to be. I've made mistakes. I've taken the easy way out. I've lied to my friends. I've hidden the truth so many times from so many people. I've hurt people, and I've even done it on purpose. I've left people behind. I've spread rumors. I've said things that I didn't mean. I'm no better than anyone, anywhere. I'm human. I have faults, and I'm not afraid to admit that. I want to change, but I won't. Because that's what we do. That's what we've always done. We list our faults like a grocery list, and we move on, expecting everything to somehow change itself. It never will. I will never change. I will never be perfect. I will always make mistakes. I'll, more often than not, take the easy way out. I will lie, hide the truth, hurt people, leave people behind, spread rumors, and say things I don't mean for the rest of my life.

July 11, 2011

So what if I always think about you? Or if I sit around and wait for you to call? It's my life isn't it? And who cares that I spend almost half of every day thinking about you, and the other half dreaming about you? It's my life. And who cares if I pick out my clothes or how I wear my hair and what color lipstick over what I think you would like? It's my life right? Well I guess if everything I do revolves around you...maybe it isn't my life anymore.

That thing, that moment, when you kiss someone and everything around becomes hazy and the only thing in focus is you and this person and you realize that that person is the only person that you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life, and for one moment you get this amazing gift and you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you found it and so scared that that it will go away all at the same time.

This morning I woke up and felt lonely, so I got in my car, pj's and all, and drove to your house. I crawled in bed next to you and smiled, I can't wait to wake up next to you for the rest of my life.  

I can't stop thinking about him. That has to tell you something. I can't get him out of my head. And quite frankly, I don't even want to try.

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses. Love is content with the present, it hopes for the future, and it does not brood over the past. It’s the day-in and day-out chronicle of irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, big victories and working toward common goals. If you have love in your life, it can make up for a great many things that are missing. If you don't have love in your life, no matter what else there is, it's not enough.

Because all I know is when I'm with you, well, I don't need anything else.

I'm just so scared... I'm afraid you're going to realize how amazing you really are... and then you're going to look at me and say "what am I doing with her" You're going to realize what all the other guys have all the time that you can do so much better.

You told me I was beautiful. And even though a lot of people tell me that, I think you're the only one who really meant it, for you were the only one who really took the time to look.

One day, when I have teenagers of my own, and my little girl asks "who was your first true love?" I hope that I can honestly look at her and say "your daddy"  and then tell her our story.

You complete me. Really, you do. You can make me smile even when I'm in my worst mood. Its only in your arms that I forget all my troubles and I have complete happiness. And you're the only one who can fill that gap in my heart, the space that has come to know you... that place that knows your the only one for me, that gap that will accept no one but you.

People tell me I'm beautiful, but I never think its true; the only way I'll believe it is if I hear it come from you. 

Senior year is unlike any other. Here are a few things you should know.. It won't hit you when you wake up for your last first day of school. It won't hit you as you walk into the Senior locker bay for the first time as an official senior. It won't hit you when you cheer at your last homecoming pep rally and attend your last football game. It won't hit you as you go to your last homecoming dance and realize Prom is way better without the lower classmen and the DJ. It won't hit you as you enter the floor to perform at state for the last time. It won't hit you as you fill out the countless college applications. It won't hit you as you write that generic essay letter that you try to use for all your applications. It won't hit you as your college friends return for Christmas break and give you all their advice. It won't hit you as you celebrate New Year's with the friends you have known since childhood. It won't hit you when you cheer at your last Senior night and cry your eyes out! You won't feel it when you are having the time of your life at your last spring break. You don't realize it during Senior skip day, when everyone, no matter what group you are in, has a picnic. When May finally comes around and you realize that it is your last Prom, but you don't really feel it when you are there having the time of your life. You begin to realize it at Graduation when you look around and realize that you will never see half of these people again. You will begin to see it more over the summer when everyone is getting their roommates, class schedules, and going to orientation. It still hasn't fully hit you when you are sitting in your room packing up the past 18 years of your life, laughing with your best friend about all the stupid stuff you've done. You might feel it the morning you leave for college as that it is the last time you will see your room, your parents, and your best friend for like 3 months. It will finally hit you when you are sitting in your dorm room with a perfect stranger, that you have to live with for the next year. Please, Please, PLEASE make every moment of your Senior year count, you only get to do it once. College will be a lot of fun, but in the meantime, jump at every opportunity you get to do anything that you have ever wanted to do. Spend as much time with friends as possible, for it will not be long until you meet new people and inevitably grow apart.

When I was four years old they tried to test my IQ, they showed me this picture of three oranges and a pear. They asked me which one is different and does not belong, they taught me different was wrong.

Laying there with your arms around me I felt so comfortable and safe. My heart was beating a mile a minute having you so close to me. As you played with my hair and kissed me I couldn't help but smile straight from my heart. I could see how much you cared from the look in your eyes. It made me never want to let you go. To just stay wrapped in your arms forever. Where nothing else matters but you and me.

June 18, 2011
Sometimes someone comes into your life that changes everything. Raises the standards, makes you laugh, and makes you feel like you.

Love isn't about a perfect fit or, perfect timing or, the perfect way to say I love you. It's about making the times that seem completely imperfect, absolutely amazing. Even when it's hard to smile, even when it hurts, some how it all becomes bearable just because you have each other. and that my friends, is love.

When you want to spend every waking moment of every single day with him, and no matter what you're doing, even if you feel like crap, you want to share it with him. When you think of him before you think of yourself, or anything else for that matter. When you want him to know every little thing about you, and you want to know everything about him. When you want to be able to finish his sentences and him finish yours. When you're willing to make yourself miserable looking at cars, or some guy thing he's interested in, just to be him with … to have that extra moment with him that you would not have had otherwise. When he is all that you think of, dream of, and you don't care about anything else but him … that's love.

You know you're in love when you can say anything to the person and you know they won't laugh at you. When you can see their face when you close your eyes. When you can still feel their arms around you holding you tight long after they are gone. When you can still taste their kiss after you have said good-bye. You can tell you're in love when you miss them before they are gone. When their voice lingers in your ears. When their presence eases any pain. When their name sends chills down your spine. When they are the only thing you can think about. You know you're in love when you can see all their hopes and dreams and their soul when you look into their eyes. When they call you at four in the morning and say, 'I love you' and mean it. When your tears stain not only their shirt, but also their heart. When they are hurt just because of these tears. When even a simple chore done with them can become a lasting memory. Ultimately, you know you're in love when you can't imagine living without them and can't figure, how did you live before you knew them. When they fulfill every need and without them you are incomplete. The love of someone else completes the heart, and soul, and mind all at once.

You don't get to choose, you just fall in love. And you get this person who is all wrong and all right at the same time. And you know that you love them so much except sometimes they just drive you completely insane and no one can explain it and the reason its so confusing is because its love. but if love didn't have any challenges, what would be the point?

Sooner or later we begin to understand that love is more than verses on Valentine's Day and romance in the movies. We begin to know that love is here and now, real and true, the most important thing in our lives. For love is the creator of our favorite memories and the foundation of our fondest dreams. Love is a promise that is always kept, a fortune that can never be spent, a seed that can flourish in even the most unlikely of places. And this radiance that never fades, this mysterious and magical joy is the greatest treasure of all -- one known only by those who love.

May 9, 2011
If I could relive my life, I wouldn't. Cause everything I've done, I've never once regretted doing them. And everything I am is everything I was meant to be.

Not everything's gonna be picture perfect... Things sometimes take time and have rough times to get through... Before you can get there but if you give up on things you want, everything you've gone through ends up being completely worthless.
Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many people call you and it's not about who you've dated, are dating, or haven't dated at all. It isn't about who you've kissed, what sport you play, or which guy or girl likes you. It's not about your shoes or your hair or the color of your skin or where you live or go to school. In fact, it's not about grades, money, clothes, or colleges that accept you or not. Life isn't about if you have lots of friends, or if you are alone, and it's not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. Life just isn't about that. But life is about who you love and who you hurt. It's about how you feel about yourself. It's about trust, happiness, and compassion. Life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance, and building confidence. It's about what you say and what you mean. It's about seeing people for who they are and not what they have. Most of all, it is about choosing to use your life to touch someone else's in a way that could never have been achieved otherwise. These choices are what life's about.

So I'm just thinking about how much I don't want my life to be boring. There is so much I want to do and so many places I want to go - but I don't really think it's ever gonna happen. I just don't wanna be one of those people who work somewhere they hate or live somewhere they don't want to live. But I feel like I'm gonna live here forever and not get a chance to see everything I want to see. I feel like my dreams are to unrealistic

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO- HOO what a ride!"

People are always telling me to smile, like smiling is going to just take away all the hurt and pain. Well I've tried that I've tried hiding my sorrows and covering the sadness in smiles and what I've learned is that when it hurts this much inside your heart always has a way of showing it no matter how many masks you wear.

If you can't solve it, it isn't a problem - it's reality. And sometimes reality is the hardest thing to understand and the thing that takes the longest to realize. But once it hits you in the face you'll never forget it. It will always be there in your memories and sometimes that is the best way to look at it.

Tom: : What happens if you fall in love?
Summer: Well, you don't believe that, do you?
Tom: It's love. It's not Santa Claus. - 500 Days of Summer

This is a story of boy meets girl. The boy, Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey, grew up believing that he'd never truly be happy until the day he met the one. This belief stemmed from early exposure to sad British pop music and a total misreading of the movie 'The Graduate'. The girl, Summer Finn of Shinnecock, Michigan, did not share this belief. Since the disintegration of her parent's marriage she'd only love two things. The first was her long dark hair. The second was how easily she could cut it off and not feel a thing. Tom meets Summer on January 8th. He knows almost immediately she is who he has been searching for. This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story - 500 Days of Summer

If Tom had learned anything... it was that you can't ascribe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event. Coincidence, that's all anything ever is, nothing more than coincidence... Tom had finally learned, there are no miracles. There's no such thing as fate, nothing is meant to be. He knew, he was sure of it now
- 500 Days of Summer

Go for it? You can do it? That's not inspirational; that's suicidal! If pickles goes for it right there that's a dead cat. Lies, were liars think about it, why do people buy these things? It's not because they wanna say how they feel, people buy cards cause they can't say how they feel or they're afraid too. We provide the service that lets them off the hook. You know what? I say to hell with it. Lets level with America at least let them speak for themselves right I mean look, look. What is this, what does this say? ‘Congratulations on your new baby.’ How about ‘congratulations on your new baby, guess that's it for hanging out, nice knowing ya.’ How about this one? With all the pretty hearts on the front, I think I know where this one’s going. Yup ‘Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart, I love you.’ Isn't that sweet? Ain't love grand? This is exactly what I'm talking about. What does that even mean, love? Do you know? Do you? Anybody? If somebody gave me this card, Mr. Vance, I'd eat it. It's these cards, and the movies and the pop songs, they're to blame for all the lies and the heartache, everything. We're responsible. I'M responsible. I think we do a bad thing here. People should be able to say how they feel, how they really feel, not ya know, some words that some stranger put in their mouth. Words like love, that don't mean anything. Sorry, I'm sorry, I um, I quit. There's enough bullshit in the world without my help
 - 500 Days of Summer

I will NOT be a goody bag at your pity party!
 - Nick and Nora's Inifinite Playlist

I don't know. I don't know, he's just always been there, and you just feel ignored for long enough and, it's just nice to feel special, sometimes. - Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

I'm full of shit, okay? No I'm... I'm knowingly full of shit. Because, uh... because uh, uh... I have... I have never cared about anybody or anything in my entire life. And the thing is, everybody just kind of accepted that. Like, "That's just Jamie." And then you!... Jesus. You. You. You didn't see me that way. I have never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough. Until I met you. And then you made me believe it, too. So, uh... unfortunately... I need you. And you need me.
- Love and other Drugs

Sometimes the things you want the most don't happen and what you least expect happens. I don't know - you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.
-Love and other Drugs

I wish I could give you what you're looking for, but I don't know what it is. There's a part of you that you keep closed off from everyone, including me. It's as if I'm not the one you're really with. Your mind is on someone else - The Notebook

We never said our love was evergreen or as unchanging as the sea, but if you can still remember: stop and think of me
- Phantom of the Opera

There you have it, folks. Young love. Full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality - Valentine's Day

Love is the only shocking act left on the planet. – Valentine’s Day

To some people, love doesn't exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people. - Valentine's Day

You don't step in to love, you fall in. Head over heels. Have you ever seen someone fall head over heels in love? It's ugly, bro. - Valentine's Day

When you love someone, you love all of them... you gotta love everything about them, not just the good things but the bad things too. The things that you find lovable and the things you don't. – Valentine’s Day

May 6, 2011
I do honestly believe that people enter our lives for a reason. That everyone who we meet, who forms an impression has something to teach us. Everything that happens to us is an experience, and because of that it can never be bad. an experience can only be good because it all serves to shape the person that we are, the person that we become

Everybody asks, 'Why me? What did I do to deserve this?' The thing is, that's the wrong question. We should be asking ourselves: 'How on earth did I manage to get such an amazing opportunity to prove how strong I am?

Isn't it funny how the world changes sometimes? How the streets you've walked your entire life suddenly seem darker, colder? How the silence isn't so quiet anymore? How eyes you've barely even noticed, now look at nothing but you? How the walk home every night is no longer a routine, but a victory. And then you begin to wonder ... maybe it's not the world that changed, maybe it's just you .. and then, suddenly, you begin to wonder all over again

we are told to remember the idea, not the man because a man can fail. he can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world - V for Vendetta

It is easy to forget how perfectly life works out. When you are down, you believe that things never work in your favor. But if you look back, you see that, in many cases, things happened exactly the way they needed to

Who gets to determine when the old ends and the new begins? It's not on the calendar, it's not a birthday, it's not a new year, it's an event --big or small, something that changes us, ideally it gives us hope, a new way of living and looking at the world, letting go of old habits, old memories. What's important is that we never stop believing we can have a new beginning, but it's also important to remember amid all the crap are a few things really worth holding on to.

At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than your dream. The castle, well it may not be a castle. And it's not so important that it's happily ever after – just that it's happy right now. See, once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you. And once in a while, people may even take your breath away.

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

It's a trip ya know? when you're a kid you have this picture of how your life is gonna be, and it never crosses your mind that it's not gonna end up like that

Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many people call you, and it's not about who you've dated, are dating, or haven't dated at all. it isn't about who you kissed, what sport you play, or which guy or girl likes you. Its not about your shoes or your hair or the color of your skin or where you live or go to school. In fact, its not about grades, money, clothes, or colleges that accept you or not. Life isn't about if you have lots of friends, or if you are alone, and its not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. Life just isn't about that. But life is about who you love. and who you hurt. It's about how you feel about yourself. It's about trust, happiness, and compassion. It's about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love one else's in a way that could never have been achieved otherwise.

life is truly a ride. we're all strapped in, and no one can stop it. as you make your way from youth to adulthood to maturity, sometimes you put your arms up and scream; sometimes you just hang onto the bar in front of you. but the ride is the thing. i think the most you can hope for at the end of life is that your hair is messed up, you're out of breath, and you didn't throw up

Stepping up. It's a simple concept. It basically means to rise above yourself; to do a little more, to show you something special. Life's funny sometimes; it can push pretty hard like when you fall in love with someone but they forget to love you back like when your best friend and your boyfriend leave you alone, like when you pull the trigger or light the flame and you can't take it back. Like I said, in sports they call this 'stepping up'. In life, I call it pushing back.

Did you ever meet someone and have them totally change your life? That every thought you ever had about life and yourself was changed … the way you look at life and people and even breathe. It's like all that time you were hiding inside yourself till that person came into your life and suddenly everything was different. But even though they changed the way you looked and felt about things, they made you perhaps a little more cynical and untrusting of the world. And somehow it has to be learned that it's possible to trust again. And not everyone is going to stare you in the face and lie to you. But it's learning that, that's the hard part. It's not going to happen in a day … a week, or a month, but pretty soon you'll begin to realize that not everyone is going to hurt you. And that's when you're happy.

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