Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything- Muhammed Ali

this girl. she has probably helped me through more things than any other person i have ever met. she is pretty much my soul sister. we finish each other’s sentences, can communicate without talking and are pretty much inseparable. we even had our socratic teacher convinced we were sisters! :] i love her, kind of a lot.

oh this kid. what to say, what to say? Well, you might remember him as my ex-boyfriend. but now we are just friends. JUST friends. but he is one of my very best friends and i don't know where i'd be without him. he's a really great person and i love him to death. he's one of those kids you love like family. that's just who he is. (p.s. this is probably one of the best pictures of us in the history of us being friends.)
kyli really is the cutest girl ever. she's like my big little sister in a bunch of ways.(: we have so much fun partyin' it up. it's going to be so much fun! she's been my amiga since 7th grade, and it's been so much fun! from eating lunch under kindergarten tables, to boy talks, we've been through a lot.(: and i hope we only continue to be best friends!(:

oh my. what to say? kate. I love her a lot. she pretty knows everything about me, like how crazy and random and weird I am, but she still chooses to be seen with me in public. she has such a sweet, giving spirit and I love her so much.

this girl. i love her. and we've only been friends for a little bit, and she's one of the biggest inspirations ever. i love her, and i feel like i can talk to her about anything. and she's getting married! congrats to angela and chase! :)
but seriously, she is one of the most strong, inspirational, beautiful girls i have ever met. and i am grateful that i can call her my friend.

because he truly is one of my best friends. whether it is just random trips to walmart to get donuts, or adventures up the canyon just talking, this boy never ceases to amaze me. even though there was some weird hormonal stuff goin’ on there in the beginning, he is seriously one of the sweetest, most caring people I have ever met. and I’m pretty sure he came and visited me every single day I was all surgery-ish. don’t think I could thank him enough. plus, it takes a stinkin' amazing best friend to go to prom with me[: love this kid.

oh hey. this is my bestest buddy Nikki. we love her. she's the spark in a bunch of people's lives and i love her. she gives killer hugs and if you need boy advice, or someone to talk to, or just a shoulder to cry on, nik is always there. she's, quite obviously, too gorgeous for her own good, and she's just as beautiful inside. she's that girl i'm scared to take my boyfriend to see, cause she's just so gorgeous, but i love her all the same[:

this, my friends, is cambria, aka. cami, aka. calvin, aka sexy beast (okay i just made that one up. but she is and you know it[:) this girl. she's totally cute, no? yes. she is. but she's so sweet, and crazy, and outgoing, and i love her. and she's an amazing dancer, and she's just, overall, totally amazing[: thee end. oh! and her blog is fantastic. keeps me reading up on blogs[: yes. now thee end. for reals this time[:

all pictures were stolen from... drum roll please! *drum roll* the place, none other than!!! facebook! yay![:

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