Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stereotype Post I Promised. :) i wasn't going to post this so soon, but i couldn't resist. :)

There are a lot of stereotypes to be broken which I think a lot of us are doing. What I do is, as soon as people try to pin me down to one kind of part, I'll play a very different kind of role, so it explodes that stereotype. 

Everyone has  been labeled before, and then associated with a stereotype. Of course, most stereotypes are far from correct, and they're too often negative. So, why do we label people, and why do we expect people to match certain stereotypes? And if almost everyone supposedly hates these labels and stereotypes, why do they still exist?

Well, people label and stereotype to categorize and organize people just as they do for everything else. Labeling simply makes things easier for people to understand. People also use labels to "fit in" or figure out where they belong. On the other hand, labels are often unwanted, and stereotypes not only incorrect but hurtful as well.

I'll even give you an example from my own life (lucky you!): Since I was a kid, people have labeled me as a "good student" and maybe even as a "nerd." Therefore, they'd assume that I must want to be a doctor or a lawyer (because those are obviously the only career options for a "good student" right?) and that I must like schoolwork (a logical explanation for my high grades, no doubt.) The latter assumption was most often made during my middle school years. You'd probably agree that these are quite common assumptions about people who perform well in school. However, these assumptions are, of course, wrong.Frankly, I'm not the biggest fan of studying law and I definitely do not enjoy being around sick people (I'm a bit of a germaphobe). And to be honest I hate most schoolwork, especially homework. I've always thought that this assumption was particularly dumb; who actually enjoys doing homework? Although, I'll have to admit that these assumptions are at worst annoying, and people don't think of me as a nerd by my appearance and most don't exactly treat me like one. I could go on and on with this list of stereotypes and labels people have given me, as I'm sure almost anyone could, but I'd rather not right now.

You'd think that after meeting someone who obviously does not fit a stereotype, you would stop associating that person with the stereotype. That this would be especially true after numerous people explained that their stereotypes are wrong. That would be logical, right? Unfortunately, people don't change stereotypes very often. If they do, they either adjust the stereotype to fit, create a sub-stereotype or, as a final resort, discard of the old stereotype and start a new one (if the old stereotype was extremely wrong). As you can see, it's very difficult to get rid of a stereotype. The somewhat good news is if you constantly act differently from a stereotype, people will eventually stop associating you with it, or at least change it. But even if you just can't seem to get rid of a stereotype, try not to let it bother you too much. That stereotype about you isn't going to last forever, and chances are there are plenty of people who know it isn't true.

It's not like everyone purposely labels and stereotypes you, though admittedly some people purposely do. It can be a subconscious action, even if you strive not to label people or expect them to act a certain way. The worst part is, while it seems that almost everyone is constantly complaining about labeling and stereotyping, many of them hypocritically do it too (even if they don't realize it).

If you're going to label people, at least use positive labels. If you catch yourself thinking negatively about someone because of a stereotype, try to disregard it. Everyone is sick of the negative labels and stereotypes, and I'm sure you are too. Stop assuming negative things about people, it's not making anything better for anyone. In fact, you probably don't like being stereotyped or labeled anymore than anyone else. Seriously, think about all the labels and stereotypes you've been given, especially the hurtful ones, and ask yourself if anyone really deserves that. I'd like to think no one does, and I really, really try not label or stereotype anyone, especially if I don't know them. (Did I mention I've been labeled as "too nice"?) If everyone would try to be just a little more open-minded, maybe everyone would have more friends, and less enemies. I'd like to think I do. It's perfectly fine to label objects, just don't categorize people.

Sorry It's been so long!!!

I’m just an immature little kid. I’m a 5 year old trapped in a 14-year-old girls body. I still drink chocolate milk with a straw and get yelled at for making bubbles. I sing when I walk down the street. I’m always the first one to run out to the ice cream man in the summer time. I still pee with the door open and dance to the sound of the shower. I run into my sister’s room when it’s time to go to bed and ask her to tell me a story. 

I still believe in the tooth fairy. My favorite holiday is Christmas & I stay up extra late to see if I can catch a glimpse of Santa. I still hop around my neighborhood handing out Easter eggs and pretending I’m the Easter bunny. I sleep with my blankie and barney every night. My rubber ducky still keeps me company in the shower. When it rains I run outside in the mud. Electricity plugs still fascinate me. Catching lighting bugs outside marks the start of the summer for me & my little sister. I still run around the house with underwear on my head. Socks and flip-flops are still a major "fashion yes"! Skimpy shorts and tank tops don’t interest me, I’d rather be wearing my sponge-bob square pants t-shirt. Growing up is for nerds. <3
haha. funny, long quote that totally describes my life. and i will tie it in. give me a sec.
HI GUYS!!!! i'm home! I don't remember if i told you were i was gonna be. but i was in Houston, Texas with my aunt, selling her business at Mary Kay Leadership Conference. it was one of the most memorable, amazing, fantastic, inspirational experiences of my whole life. i learned so much about me, my fears, and how to overcome them. i made a little list of things i had to be a million miles from home to learn. :)

1.) I love my school. Kind of alot.
2.) My hair does NOT like humidity. It's pretty great.
3.) Two way roads in Houston are rare. Lke an "oh my goodness! 2 way road! go drive on it!" kind of rare.
4.) Flying by yourself isn't as scary as it sounds. Alot of really nice people work in airports.
5.) Sometimes airports change your gate without telling you. That's great fun. NOT.
6.) I'm going to miss all my vendor buddies!!!
7.) It's warm in Houston... Enough said.
8.) For a city that is supposed to get alot of rain, no one knows how to drive in it. It's quite humorous. and their gutter systems SUCK. everything was flooding.
9.) As much as I hate winter in Utah, the snow is really pretty, especially from a nice warm airplane.
10.) Utah's mountains are BEAUTIFUL. Don't take advantage of that fact.
11.) I am totally addicted to being with my friends. It was hard being away from them.
12.) I am truely blessed. Seeing all those people without homes broke my heart.
13.) I'd much rather be driving in Utah then in Texas. It's a little complicated there.
14.) My aunt is so cool. Enough said
15.) Don't go to a hotel for dinnner. They can, just because people are lazy, but still need to eat, raise the prices to astonomical amounts, just because people are willing to pay them.
16.) Don't leave your parents unattended. I came home to my dad having a broken hand. Gooody...
17.) Hotel shampoo and conditioners are made to work, not smell good.
18.) If you initiate conversation, people are way more likely to talk to you.
19.) I know more spanish than I thought I did.
20.) I am in love with my black pencil skirt. It is really comfortable, and it makes me feel like a million bucks. One of those peices you wear and you immediatly feel like a different person.
21.) Heels. Even though they hurt your feet a little, they instantly make you feel more confident and you look better. Sorry to break it to you.
22.) Fear is very relative. Everyone deals with it, but the people who are out there, making a difference in society are the ones who FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAYS.

i think that should be the name of the last week of my life. feel the fear and do it anyways. that's what i did. i am terrified of planes, flew by myself. i am scared of initiating conversations, did that ALOT. i am afraid of telling people about my religion or about my past trials, told a complete stranger those on the plane ride home. man. it was just an amazing week. 

but as for the quote, part of my amazing week was attending a seminar by Sean Smith. he is a life coach and he talked to a group of Mary Kay directors about how they are sabotaging their business. some of it i couldn't relate to myself, but something that really impressed me was he talked about about our limiting beliefs, and how from the time we are about 3 years old, we are forced to wear different "costumes" or sterotypes. (another post about that is yet to come. :)) but to really, truely be happy, we have to go back to our core self, or the person we were when we were younger, only having 2 rules:
1.) I get whatever I want.
2.) I get it now.
if we can get back to that point, nothing would stand in the way of our dreams. so from today on, i am going to really work on that, not letting any fear or stereotype stand in MY way. I hope you all take this challenge with me. :)

wow. sorry. long post. i love you all! hope you have had as great of a week as i have! :)

<3 love <3, Megs :]

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Kiss. No, i didn't have one. A friend did. :]

When he kisses you he isn't doing anything else. You're his whole universe..and the moment is eternal because he doesn't have any plans and isn't going anywhere. Just kissing's overwhelming.

Have you always thought about your first kiss? A first kiss symbolizes attraction—someone desires you and you desire that person in return. And you, of course, want to be desired. We all do. In a world with billions and billions of people, you want to be noticed, especially by a special guy.

The problem is that the longings of our hearts sometimes get in the way of our common sense. You may know at thirteen or sixteen or even eighteen that you're not ready to get married. You may know that the guy you're getting close to wouldn't be husband material even if you were ready. But the emotions are shouting louder than your common sense. Your heart pounds, your palms sweat … this has to be a good thing, right? Then you start to justify. All your friends are doing it, so why shouldn't you?

There's another problem too. Kisses have been cheapened by society. Watch any tween series like iCarly or Drake and Josh and you'll see boys kissing girls and girls kissing boys with abandon. On shows for teens and adults they go farther than that very quickly. It maybe the same way at your school. A kiss is just a kiss … or is it?

I personally know of one young couple who waited until their wedding day for their first kiss. The tension was high in the ceremony … everyone wanted to see the culmination of all their waiting, and we weren't disappointed. I know the couple wasn't disappointed either. Love, tenderness and excitement filled the room. We observers couldn't help but smile and cheer.

And that's one problem about giving away kisses to easily. Sometimes you're disappointed when the perfect moment is given away to a guy who doesn't cherish you. Most of the time there is regret. Every kiss is giving away a part of yourself. A part of your heart.

If you have already given away more kisses than you'd like to admit, you can choose today to make a change. Consider your lips as something precious to be cherished. Like Barlow Girls sing, “what if your prince comes riding in while you're kissin' a frog?” And if you believe you have found your prince, waiting will only make the kiss more special when it does happen.

Monday, January 3, 2011

life. and 2010 recap. and 2011.

Life is made up of years that mean nothing and moments that mean it all. 
Happy New Years Everyone!!! Hope your new years was as great as mine. :) but today, since it is the first time since New Years i have been on the computer, is the day for me to recap my amazing year, and predict the awesomeness of 2011. so here goes! :)
January: winterim! I did a program called Super Sheroes, and it was intense female bonding. and it was great. and i made my best friend in the entire universe, Kemsley Corell. i love her. alot. 
February: hmmm... nothing cool ever happens in February. i think we should just delete the whole month. the only half way cool thing that happens is Single's Awareness Day, and that's not even cool unless you like someone. so we should just go on strike to eliminate February.
March: hmmm... ooh! March was El Cheapo, i kinda funny date dance i went stag to. :)
April: Easter? :)
May: Prom, i went stag. it was great. :) survived finals, barely. end of school! 
June: only the beginning of the best summer in the history of summers. we had Girl's Camp at Heber Valley. it was great. :) and i just spent alot of time with my good friend Kate. it was great. :) and that rhymed. :)
July: 4th of July block party and i sang God Bless the USA. it was a great experience.ooh. and i saw Inception. Probably one of the movies of the year. it was great. :)
August: I TURNED 16!!!! FINALLY!!! had a great party with my friends. got my license. and a NEW CAR!! :) i love my parents. :)
September: School started again. it's Junior Year and i'm not gonna lie, it sucks hardcore. Probably cause my schedule looked a little like this: 
1st Algebra II
2nd AP Biology
3rd AP Spanish
4th Seminary (only the best, funnest, coolest class ever, with   Bro. Robley. :)) 
5th AP U.S. Government
6th US History
7th Socratic Seminar
8th Socratic Seminar
October: Ooh! Look at how perfect that worked! Orange for October. :) anyways... october. Halloween, of course. i dressed up as a princess. poofy dress and all. :) made a super great friend named Chandler Merkley. he's great. 
November: my mommy's birthday. homecoming, i didn't go. :)
Decemeber: really great. First basketball game ever! (GO LIONS!!! :)) David Archuleta with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Finals, and i didn't fail any. :) CHRISTMAS!!! Got a new camera, and a new windshield for my car. :) pretty great. made a great new friend named Marc Luthy. He's pretty much amazing in every possible way. :) and the. best. New. Year's. Eve. ever. that is all. 

and people say i'm unsocial. psh. i did alots of stuff. true alot of it was with family and grandparents, but there's nothing wrong with that. :) 

for 2011, i predict awesomeness. it's going to be better than 2010. i know that for sure. :) and summer is going to be great, as it is my last summer in High School. also, i am going to start Senior Year, and it's going to be amazing. cause i won't let it be anything less than that. :) 

well, i'm off to go play with friends. i love you all. really. :) and have a great day, or evening, or morning, depending on when you read this. :) 
the end.
love, me :]